What is TRENDY?

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So here I am again contemplating a so serious topic...TREND or TRENDY. 

What does this really mean? Is it something SOMEONE says or decides is trendy? Who are these people?? If I like something can I make it TREND or TRENDY? In some of my pondering I came across a few insights.


very fashionable or up to date in style or influence.

"I enjoyed being able to go out and buy trendy clothes"

synonyms:fashionable, in fashion, in vogue, stylish, modish, chic, designer, up to date, up to the minute, latest, contemporary, popular, all the rage;
à la mode, le dernier cri; 
informal cool, funky, in, the in thing, hot, big, with it, hip, happening, now,smart, sharp, groovy, mod, swinging, snazzy, natty, nifty;
informal kicking, kicky, tony, fly, spiffy, sassy, stylin'; 

informalon fleek; 
informal all the go, swagger
"trendy clothes"
a person who is very fashionable or up to date.

Okay. In all of this I learn nothing.   What is your preference? What is my prefrence?

Honestly?? I currently have 4 generations living in my house. My teenage granddaughters,  my daughter, me and my FASHIONABLE hubby, and my mom, who likes any thing that sparkles!  Obviously we all have different taste and styles. So...in all this I ask who is to say what is Trendy and what's not?

We, my "business partners" and I are going to bring to you a new collection soon.  Olivia's Choice.  I'm excited to see what her favorite things are and her TRENDY STYLE is. Come back by and visit us often, as our items are unique,  one of a kind, and rarely are there any two items identical! Leave a comment.  Tell me your style or show me!

As always,

Take time to laugh.

Take time to pray.

Bettiann aka gram-b 

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  • Trendy hasn’t been a word used much in our home. We wear what we like, when we like and don’t really care too much what others think. Tends change so often, it would be too much to try to keep up anyways. There are more important things that consume my time, energy and resources. (disclaimer: My adult daughter’s may feel differently about this issue now. 😉) I say, “Wear what brings a smile to your face and puts a spring in your step!

    Kathleen Bowman on

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