The journey continues.

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This has been a busy week  well it feels like a week, but not quite. A lot of stuff is always going on at my house, as there are six of us plus two doggies, living under one roof.  Anyway that's a story for another day. 

So my granddaughters who live with me, who are my "business partners", and are also high school teens are such a well of information, and brutally honest  to boot, responded to my question.   "What do you think about this so far?"

Sophia, my 16 year old says to me about the blog-

"Well don't take this wrong but... it sounds like your writing an essay. "

Me thinking- Ouch.

Sophia says " It's just that your generation is that way...that's  just the way you write."

Me thinking again- Ouch.

It maybe a little paraphrased but we discussed my style of writing for a bit.  We concluded that we will both be blogging at different times,  so you will be hearing from her too!

The second thing is my other granddaughter Olivia, who is almost 18, also gave me her insight.  About our online store and product she said, "It's nice....the stuff is just not my style... but it's ok".

Me again- Ouch!

So I say " Well then let's just show me what your style is!  We will fix this situation!"

All in all I say a productive week. And great "staff meeting". Sophia will be helping me blog and Olivia will be helping me find some new things to add to our collection. 

Let me know what y'all think, and feel free to be brutally honest, I am wearing my thick skin.  Also let me know what your style is.  Leave me comments or pictures. 

I am loving this journey, and even though it is a lot of work,  it is also a lot of fun!

Take time to pray.  Take time to laugh.  Discover beauty from ashes...

Bettiann aka gram-b 

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  • I love that you are doing this and I love that the girls are involved! I love that they give you input! How wonderful! Now I’m wondering if my writing on my blog sounds like essay. Lol Keep em coming sweet friend!

    Kathleen Bowman on
  • I think your writing is just fine Betti…keep ‘em coming and I’ll keep reading ’em…:-)

    Dennis Willis on

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