"Keep going, the days seem slow, but the weeks fly by."

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"Keep going". 

To continue on. To move forward. Don't give up.

These were words written by Sage on the inside cover of a book at the academy he attended.  Looking back, these words resonate deeply in my soul.  Keep going, don't stop, don't give up.  My nature is to want what I want, when I want it, and yet the opposite is usually what I need. However,  true to the nature of God and His love for me, I know that His timing is always right and best.

So "Keep going," even when the days seem slow. "Keep going," when life seems hard.  Even when life seems impossible. Don't stop, keep on believing. 

Yes the "weeks fly by". They really do, and at my age the weeks truly do "fly by."

Enjoy the moment,  see the beauty, find the simple pleasures.   Discover beauty from ashes...

Above all, have a blessed Resurrection Day! Praise God for His provision and His unending love.

Take time to laugh. 

Take time to pray. 

Bettiann aka gram-b. 

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